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During the academic year, the Paris School of Architecture organises open international architectural competitions as part of our current research theme.  Our competitions are designed to encourage thought and debate and are open to all.


(Porte Saint Denis)

What is the role of the Monument in 2020?

Q&A Responses

1. What is the site area and extent of the competition site? 


The site may involve the monument itself (Porte Saint Denis) and any of the surrounding area, or indeed Paris itself.  Successful entries will engage with both the theme of ‘monuments’ and their role today, as well as with the Porte Saint Denis itself.


2. Are entries expected to propose a monument, architectural structure, piece of art, or new programme?


Your entry may be a new monument, structure, piece of art, or some new form of activity on the site, or all of the above, or none at all.  This is entirely up to you.


3. Please could you explain the submission requirements again. There is a template PDF containing 2 pages. Will there be a total of 2 number A1 sheets, or just the one with either of the page designs?


The submission is a single A1 as a JPEG (841mm x 594mm, landscape or portrait) @ 300 dpi. - Your project title should appear on the top left corner of the A1 board.  The template outlines some potential options for setting out your proposal.  The board may be landscape or portrait.


4. The Second-page design contains a 400-word description thrice. Is this description is image-wise or overall sheet-wise?


The layout template shows some potential options for curating your A1 board.  You are free to use any of the versions proposed, or formulate your own.


5. Can we add short write-ups near images explaining the proposal?


Yes, however the total number of works on the board should not exceed 400.


6. Is there any concept sheet required? If so, of what size and format?


No, however the concept underlying your project should be explicitly described on your A1 board.


7. Does the competition involve an intervention on the gate itself or on the surrounding areas? 


You may take the gate and its surroundings as the competition site, or just the gate, or just the surrounding area.  It is up to you.


8. Are we required to design another monument which is independent from the existing gate, located next to the existing gate, or in the same vicinity, or a monument to replace the existing gate?


Again, this is up to you, but your response to the brief should take a position on 'what to do' with the original monument, and then propose an architectural intervention.


9. Could the gate be modified or removed, or it should remain untouched?


You are free to choose whether the existing gate should be altered.


10. There is a problem with DWG file. I can see only a partial plan of the area and the file, that I download, is corrupt, incomplete and has many offset lines.


There were a number of issues relating to the original government cadastral register DWG file provided.  This has now been replaced with a new version of the site plan, which can be found using the link in the email sent to those who have entered the competition, dated Monday 28th October 2019.  Any new entries will be directed to an area to download the competition information, where the revised drawing has been uploaded.


11. When is the competition submission deadline?

The competition submission deadline was originally Friday 22nd November 2019 at 12pm (midday) Paris time (CET). 


We have decided to extend this to Friday 29th November 2019 at 12pm (midday) Paris time (CET).  Submissions can be made by visiting the following page www.parisarch.fr/competition-submission

An article discussing the competition in further detail has been produced in collaboration with the Architectural Review, this can be seen here (paywall).