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Enrolment 2024/25

Congratulations on being offered a place at the School.

Please complete the following steps to complete your enrolment:

1.  Download the PSA Tuition Fee account details.

2.  Please read and agree the following conditions of enrolment below.  (You will be required to re-sign the same contract on arrival at the school).


3. Complete the short form at the end of this page to complete your enrolment, and reserve your place.

Please read and agree the following student contract and then complete the form below the text:




AT. The School offers a programme of architectural study in the English language in Paris.


This program is for students who have graduated from a BA degree or equivalent who wish to specialise in the areas of architecture proposed by the School.


The course does not allow for the graduate to use the protected title ‘Architecte’ in France, for which further study is required.


B. The student wishes to register at the School for the current academic year.


In this respect, the Student acknowledges being fully informed about the school, its programs and objectives of education, having read the brochure 2023/24 (Appendix 1).


The Student also acknowledges being fully informed regarding the pricing conditions applicable to the 2023 school year ( Appendix 2 ). and general conditions ( Annex 3 ) .


The student also had the opportunity to ask all their questions regarding the School and programme directly, in particular during an interview with the school officials.


C. The purpose of this Study Contract is to formalise the Student's agreement to the terms, conditions and procedures applicable to the registration of the programme of study provided by the School.






This contract (the Study Agreement ), including its preamble and its annexes, constitutes an agreement between you (the Student ) and Paris School of Architecture (the School ) concerning the conditions of enrolment and following the programme of study provided by the School.


The Study Contract includes, in addition to a Preamble, the following Appendices   :


  • Annex 1: PSA Brochure

  • Annex 2: Tariff conditions and payment methods

  • Annex 3: General Conditions

  • Annex 4: Student Registration Commitment


The Student must confirm having read and understood appendices 1 to 3.


The Student must then make the select of the pedagogical pathway that they wish to follow and the method of payment proposed in appendix 4.




The enrolment of the Student will only be considered complete upon signature of the Study Contract and its annexes, as well as the receipt of Registration Confirmation Fee.


Any incomplete or unsigned Student Contract, or a contract not initialled on each page will be considered invalid.


Once registered, the Student will receive a certificate of registration. This registration will be conditioned, if necessary, by obtaining additional documents (visa, confirmation of undergraduate degree), or at the discretion of the School.






For September 2023, the Registration Confirmation Fee is €3 500 euros excluding tax (Appendix 2).


Once paid, this amount can no longer be refunded, except under the terms of the general conditions.


It should be noted that the following non-exhaustive list, that the prevailing terms are those set out here in the general conditions) :


-           Refund of Registration Confirmation Fee brought about by the Student:


1 / By rescinding the contract within fourteen (14) days from the signature of the learning agreement (see article 9 of the general conditions);


2 / Failure to obtain the required undergraduate qualifications before the beginning of the course of study, with evidence of failure to obtain the required qualifications as issued by the institution in question  (See Article 6.1 of the general conditions)   ;


3 / Refusal of a visa required for the Student’s stay in France, and on presentation of a certificate issued by the French consulate concerned (see Article 6.1 of the general conditions) .


-           Refund of the Registration Confirmation Fee brought about by the School ,


In the event of postponement or cancellation of the school year initiated by the School (see Article 6.1 of the general conditions, in particular the limitation of liability clause "   The School declines any responsibility in the event of damages, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever related to such postponement or cancellation. " ).




The amount and payment of the balance of fees are indicated in Annex 2.


The Student may opt for a single payment of the balance of to pay the balance in instalments as set out in Annex 4.






The Study Agreement, including its preamble and its appendices, is subject to all applicable French regulations, whether or not they have been brought to the attention of the School or communicated to the student by the School.


In case of dispute, the French courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the Student Contract. The student accepts their exclusive competence.




The School may send information, if it sees fit, to the Student by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Student at the time of registration.




The School and the Student are not liable for any breach of this learning agreement due to a case of force majeure as defined by Article 1218 of the French Civil Code.  The performance of the obligation concerned is delayed until the cessation of the case of force majeure.




The nullity of any stipulation of the learning agreement or its appendices does not entail the nullity of the other stipulations which continue to apply according to their terms.




Any waiver of any breach of the Learning Agreement or its appendices must take the form of a written act expressly mentioning the waiver. The waiver is not a waiver of any subsequent default, whether identical or different.




This Learning Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the School and the Student as to its purpose. It cancels and replaces any agreement, written or verbal, exchanged between the parties as to its purpose or which has not been renewed between the Parties upon the signing of the Learning Agreement for any related purpose.




For the purposes of this contract, the parties agree that writing in electronic form is admissible as an evidentiary medium in the same way as writing in paper form.


The parties agree to keep the computer records and hard copies of the messages exchanged for the execution of this contract in such a way that they can constitute faithful and durable copies within the meaning of the Civil Code (Articles 1366 and 1367). and 1375).




You accept the terms of the Study Contract, including its preamble and annexes, by selecting the options are relevant acceptance s, followed by validation.


-  By accepting this Student Contract, including its preamble and annexes, you acknowledge having read, understood the contract and to be bound by its terms without reservation. The acceptance of the study contract implies full acceptance of the general conditions and tariff conditions (Annexes 2 and 3).


-           If you do not agree with the terms of the Learning Agreement, including its preamble and annexes, you must not accept it. If you do not accept the terms of the Learning Agreement, you are not allowed to register at the School.

Annex 2 - Fees and Modes of Payment

2023/24 Information



I. Annual Fees (students commencing in September 2023)

• Year 1: €10,709 (Studio Project + Dissertation + 3 master classes.


• Year 2: €10,709 (Studio Project + Professional Practice + 3 master classes.


Registration and access to courses are subject to payment of tuition fees. Tuition fees are set each year by the school's general management. The school reserves the right to change its fees for the next school year. (Article 5 of the General Conditions)


II. Payment terms

The payment is made by bank transfer specifying with reference [Last Name, First Name - Parisarch] to the bank account: Account Name:Paris School of Architecture– IBAN: FR76 3006 6106 1100 0202 9390 233 / BIC: CMCIFRPP.


III. Payment schedule


III.1 Registration Confirmation Deposit: €3,500 (excluding tax).

This payment is deducted from the total tuition fee, and are to be paid in conjunction with signing the learning agreement.


This deposit is refundable under the conditions specified in article 6.1 of the general conditions (failure to provide evidence of obtaining an undergraduate degree, non-receipt of a visa to enter France, etc.) The school also reserves the possibility to postpone or cancel the registration, with full refund of fees for any reason and without recourse under this condition.  This condition is to be known and accepted by all applicants and is required by the nature of the school being in its first year of operation.)

III.2 Payment of the balance: €7,209 (excluding tax).

At the student's choice, the remaining balance may be settled as one or two additional payments, as follows:

- by bank transfer, in one payment of €7,000 on 1st June (a reduction of €209); or

- by bank transfer in two payments, €3,700 on 1st June and €3,509 on 1st September.

The consequences in the case of non-payment and late payment are specified in Article 7 of the general conditions.


Annex 3 - General Conditions



These general conditions are agreed between the student and the school, and are integral parts of the study agreement between the two parties.





2.1 Student Card

The school confers student status on its students. A card will be issued free of charge in one copy which will allow them access to all rights open to this status.


2.2 Social security

Every student must ensure that he or she is covered by a social security scheme for the current year and prove that they are subject to a legal regime that is accepted according to the rules established by the social security system. The start and end dates must cover at least the periods of presence in the school.


Any unregistered student, or a student who has failed to re-enrol will lose their student status. All students must consent to all the formalities of registration and control prescribed by the social security, under penalty of exclusion.


If the student wishes to undertake a period of professional training (internship), the student retains their status and coverage provided on the basis of a signed internship contract as defined by the Code of Education. If the student were to lose their rights to such a status, such an agreement would be terminated automatically by the School which would be required to notify the company in question.


2.3 CVEC

In application of article L.841-5 of the Code of Education, all students registering at a higher education institution must pay the regional centre for schools and universities (CROUS) in the particular jurisdiction in which the School is based. The student agrees to return the school upon registration, the written proof from CROUS that they have paid the required sum, or are exempt from. In the cast that this is not presented to the School, the learning agreement is considered to be invalid.



Foreign students must comply with all legal procedures and obligations necessitated by residence in France.


Students in the European Economic Area who are regularly enrolled in an institution of higher education and who hold one of the following documents are exempt from registration with French Social Security:

-       A European Health Insurance Card

-      A certificate of subscription to a health insurance plan or private insurance covering the student and any family members who accompany them, with a level of cover necessary for all risks to which they may be exposed during their stay in France.



Any form of business or individual or collective commercial activities is prohibited within the School, without the express consent of the School. It is not permitted to use the school address as a registered place of business without the express consent of the School.



Registration and access to the course are subject to the payment of tuition fees. Tuition fees are set each year by the school's general management. TheSchool reserves the right to change the tuition fees for future years.


Tuition fees include access to the following services: Access to the training provided by the school and / or program of the selected academic year, access to premises and equipment of the School.


Tuition fees do not include but are not limited to - the cost of transportation, housing, food, meals, personal expenses etc. which remain the sole responsibility of the student.


Additional non-compulsory benefits may be offered by the School (French courses, help to find accommodation, other). The price of these additional services will be communicated to the students and will be billed separately.



6.1 Registration Confirmation Fees

Registration confirmation fees must be paid within seven (7) days of the signing of the learning agreement.


Registration confirmation fees can not be refunded except in the case of the failure to obtain the qualifications required on admission or refusal of a visa required for the student’s stay in France. In these cases, the request for reimbursement must be accompanied by proof (proof of refusal of diploma by the institution / refusal of a visa issued by the French consulate concerned).


In addition, in case of the postponement or cancellation of the beginning of the academic year planned in September 2023 at the initiative of the School, the student will be entitled to the reimbursement of sums paid by them (or by a third party on their behalf) under registration confirmation rights, to the exclusion of any other compensatory claim or remedy in this respect.


In this regard, the Student declares and expressly agrees to the following:


  • Renouncecompletely any form of recourse against the School in any way or for any reason whatsoever, in case of cancellation or postponement of the course for the start of September 2023.


The School declines any responsibility in the event of damages, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever related to such a postponement or cancellation.


6.2 Payment of the balance: cash payment or deferred payment

The balance of the payment of tuition fees may be made in cash or staggered, in accordance with the special tariff provisions of the current year ( Appendix 2 ) .


In case of a sanction pronounced by the Disciplinary Board leading to the exclusion of the student, the payment of the remaining tuition fees is due in full.


6.3 Special conditions - Discounts

The School reserves the right to propose special conditions that may lead to reductions in the amount of tuition fees or the conditions of payment of tuition fees (deadlines etc.) or enrolment confirmation fees.


These special conditions can be included in the registration commitment and/or by means of a specific mention on the invoices.



In case of non-payment of tuition fees when due, the School will be entitled to suspend the performance of its services until full payment of the unpaid invoice without this non-performance being considered attributable to it. In particular, the School may refuse access to courses or exam sessions to the Student.


Under French law, any delay in payment obliges the School to charge interest on the default. The interest rate for late payment penalties shall be equal to the interest rate applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent financing operation plus 10 percentage points, starting from the notice of default.

All fees for the recovery of tuition fees of any nature whatsoever (rejection of direct debit, NSF check etc.) will be charged to the student.

Any non-payment of part of a stage payment will lead to the forfeiture of access to the stage payment system, and as such all tuition fees become immediately due as a penalty clause.


Admission in year 2 as well as the sending of any academic and administrative document (certificate of attendance, graduation, title or certificate at the end of the academic year) is subject to the full payment of tuition fees and / or other fees, invoices or services provided by the institution, regardless of the validation of the modules or any other element of the program.


In the absence of payment of tuition fees after a formal notice sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt by the student, the Study Contract will be terminated automatically at the end of the academic year without need to carry out any formality.



The legal representatives of the School are responsible for the processing of student data. The information collected is subject to a treatment intended to ensure the administrative and pedagogical management of the students. Each online form or service offered to the Student by the School limits the collection of personal data to the necessary information and indicates the particular reasons for the collection of this data, whether the collection of this data is mandatory or optional, who the recipients of the data are, and the total data retention period.


The recipients of the data are the departments responsible for the school secretariat, communication, information services, and management. In addition, the necessary data will be communicated to the following recipients according to the obligations of the school's managing body: to the rectorate, to the national commission of professional certification (the data is rendered in an anonymous time), to the insurer of the school (name, first name and period of cover).


In accordance with the regulations in force, the Student has the right to access, rcorrect, delete and oppose the retention of their personal data. The Student may request a copy of their personal data and their scope, request to whom it has been transmitted, or file a complaint with the CNIL.You can send your requests by mail to Paris School of Architecture, 5, rue Durantin 75018 Paris, France.


The student expressly agrees to appear in the alumni directory of the school, including on the internet, with information about him. He may at any time specify the information he does not wish to see disseminated.



In accordance with Articles L. 221-18 et seq. of the Consumer Code, from the date of signature of the contract, and in the event of the exclusive conclusion of the distance-selling contract (i.e. without the parties being present at the point of signing) the student has a period of 14 days to withdraw from the contract. The Student must inform the School by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


In accordance with Article L.221-10 of the Consumer Code, the School can not collect any payment before the expiry of a period of 7 days from the conclusion of the distance-selling contract.


Model letter of withdrawal to send to school: "   I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract relating to my registration for which a tuition agreement has been concluded "by specifying your name, first name and postal address .   "



This contract may be terminated automatically and at any time:

A / by the School in the following cases:

-       Non-payment of tuition fees in accordance with the stipulations of these general conditions,

-       Non-compliance with these terms and conditions or documents forming part of this contract, 30 days after a formal notice is sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the Student and / or his legal representative or in the deadlines determined by a possible disciplinary council,

-       Expulsion of the Student by the Disciplinary Board.


B / by the student and/or his legal representative by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Except in case of termination due to force majeure, the tuition fees will remain due in full to the School.



This contract is governed exclusively by French law. In case of any issue of interpretation of a translation, the French language version will prevail over all others.


*The parties agree to exhaust all amicable solutions concerning the interpretation, execution or realization of these, before bringing them before the competent court of Paris, depending on the the procedure required.



For the purposes of this contract, the parties agree that the digital form of the contract is admissible as an evidentiary medium in the same way as writing in paper form.


The parties agree to keep the computer records and hard copies of the messages exchanged for the execution of this contract in such a way that they can constitute faithful and durable copies within the meaning of the Civil Code (Articles 1366 and 1367). and 1375).




The annual tuition fees correspond to two semesters / academic periods of teaching necessary for the validation of an academic year. The School's grading system is based on the successful completion of the different course modules that make up the programme.



Any module or other element of the course that has not been completed, either upon first sitting or when taken as a repeated module, must be re-taken within one year after the failure and will be billed separately in addition to the tuition fees.



A re-sit is organized by the school in two cases:

-           When the module of a semester has not been passed (the student has received a “fail”).

-           In case of absence from a module or its evaluation without proper justification.



The participation in the courses is one of the essential conditions to pass the required modules. Repeated absences may be sanctioned may prevent the student from passing into the second year. A student absent from the final evaluation will be considered as having failed.

In this case, at the request of the student, the School may in its sole discretion decide to allow the student an opportunity to re-sit the exam.



A student may request a one-year postponement in their attendance. This request must be made in writing. The acceptance of this pause in study - if accepted - will be notified in writing by the school.


At the moment of such a temporary departure, the pupil must be up to date with their academic, administrative and financial obligations to the school. When the student returns, they is subject to the regime in effect at the time of their return on all counts; academic, administrative and financial (program, calendar, payment, amount of fees).


Any year started being due in full, no refund will be made in the case of postponement. The such notification and agreement by the School of the postponement only allows for the student to reserve his place the following year, regardless of the registration process.



The behaviours listed below are considered to be at fault without this list being exhaustive. A repeated or unjustified absence, plagiarism, cheating or fraud in assessments, impersonating another person using digital communication devices or social media, damage to the School premises or other premises associated with the delivery of the programme, fighting or violence with the School or around its immediate vicinity, any form of violence or aggravated violence, theft or attempted theft, insulting or defamatory statement made about or to staff, management or any other participant, damage or defamatory statements about the School, and more generally all behaviour that may be contrary to the laws and regulations of the French republic, and morality and probity.


The Disciplinary Board will meet on referral from a member of the pedagogical team or the director of studies or directors of the school. It will be at least composed of a member of the management of the school and 2 representatives of the teaching team.  The council may ask any person to give a testimony.


The council may deliberate and reach an outcome in the absence of the student, if it has been duly convened (convocation addressed at least 2 working days in advance by registered mail with explanatory memorandum, the penalties incurred and mention of the possibility of being represented by the person of one's choice).


The Disciplinary Board has a discretionary power over the nature of the sanction applicable to the student in question, in the respect of the type and the proportionality of the sanction. The Student made be subject to the following sanctions:  probation, reparation measures excluding any pecuniary compensation, temporary exclusion, final exclusion.



Students may be required to carry out, for educational purposes under the supervision, control and instructions of the School, elements protected by intellectual property (graphic creations, models, writings) hereinafter designated Works.


The Works (including any deliverables) and any document, report, plan, drawing, model, or software developed during during the student’s period of study at the school will remain the intellectual property of the school and to which it will exercise unlimited rights in any jurisdiction in perpetuity.


It is specified that any Works that could be protected by copyright cover the right of representation, reproduction, translation, adaptation, marketing, communication to third parties for free and more generally all rights of copyright and exploitation for any purpose. This transfer is valid for the legal term of protection for which these rights are the subject of each country and for all the countries of the world.


The School will therefore be able to use all Works produced by any Student while they remain enrolled at the School, as the owner, in the widest possible way, in all present and future formats, on all machines or systems and for any purpose.


This waiving of the author's rights is made in exchange for pedagogical, didactic, scientific, technical and human support as well as access to the knowledge, skills and materials of the school from which the student benefited and thanks to whom the results have been achieved.


This waiving of said rights is granted without charge.


The School undertakes to respect the moral rights of the author.


With regard to the use of the results, however, the School and the Student are prohibited from using results for any purpose other than academic appreciation, development of the pedagogy of the School, and promotional and advertising purposes. In the case where the student or the school would like to use the works, they will have to obtain the prior written agreement of the other party.

Paris School of Architecture Enrolment 2023/24


This Enrolment Commitment is concluded between the student and the school.  It is an integral part of the study contract.

1. Student Details

Upload proof of fee payment
Upload Passport
Upload proof of BA
7. Confirmation of payment schedule for remaining balance of €7,209 (see Appendix 2 Tution Fees)

Please allow several minutes for your documents to be uploaded.

Do not refresh this page.

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