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The Paris School of Architecture equips its students with the artistic, philosophical, intellectual and technical skills required by industry to produce exceptional future professionals.

Set in the centre of Paris, informed by the European design and construction world, with masterclasses provided by faculty of leaders in the creative industries from all over the world, the School is deliberately 

international; producing the next generation of global architectural practitioners.

The Paris School of Architecture

The PSA is different to many other architecture schools, being conceived and run by a new generation of architects and designers. The school's focus is on the development of rigorous design projects through the incubation of student's individual ideas.  Each tutor at the PSA is also active in practice, so that we retain our strong connection to industry. 


The School has been developed to be a highly innovative and experimental school, where the pedagogy is bespoke to each student, where their individual ideas are incubated, rather than being 'instructed' in a certain style or way of thinking.  The idea behind this is to create a space for students who are minded to; specialise in a particular area of architecture, use part of their studies to develop a new product, service or idea within the broader scope of architectural thinking, or to create their own practices after graduation.  This is enabled through 3 'pathways', which are selected at the beginning of the year (disruptive technology, communication and design, and the pavilion pathway) through which a year-long studio project tests both the student's thinking and their position. 


The length of time of the studio project is twice as long as most other schools, which are based on semester systems, allowing our graduates to have attained greater depth and complexity in their work, and ultimately have more sophisticated portfolios. The studio projects are augmented through a series of pathway specific 'Master Classes', which are 1 or 2 week-long projects or lectures on a highly specialised subject, and delivered by an expert in the field from industry. 


Each year ends in a large public exhibition of the student's work in a gallery in central Paris, to which future employers, investors, journalists, and friends and family may attend, and is a celebration of everything achieved that year.

School Development

21st Century Professionals

The school was established to offer an alternative route into architecture and associated disciplines in response to the radical changes in architectural practice in the past two decades.

Most schools of architecture follow a pedagogical methology adopted nearly a century ago that has become less relevant to the realities of architecture today.  The Paris School offers a new system, combining core architectural components with emerging professional requirements, better preparing its graduates for work in practice, establishing their own practices, or work in other fields such as development, construction management, environmental design, journalism, curatorship, video game design, and virtual reality.

A European School

The school was founded by practitioners in Paris who work around the EU, who have either taught or graduated from the schools in Europe and the US.  As the English language cements its position as the global lingua franca, and regulatory reform by the European Union brings greater uniformity to architectural practice within the bloc, the need for an anglophonic european school has never been more pressing.  In addition, the school places importance on the study of architectural, legal and construction terminology being taught in a number of different languages to allow graduates to work seamlessly across Europe and the world. This cultural exchange promotes and reinforces the international focus of the school and its pedagogy.

A New School

In development since 2015 and opening for its first intake in September 2020 the Paris School offers a range of programmes, from undergraduate and graduate study, to distance learning, language study, and summer schools.

The first courses will commence on 21st September 2020, when the first intake of year 1 students join the school (equivalent to the first year of masters studies).

Our cohort of students will form a critical part of our course development, with a student council with the power to propose additional subjects as technologies and cultures evolve, develop exchange relationships with other institutions, and amend and vote on the school's charter and leadership.