The Paris School of Architecture offers a single post-graduate course in Architecture framed by three pathways. Upon applying, we request that our students select one of the three following pathways:


    A. Pavilion (Design & Making)

    B. Imagery (Design & Communication)

    C. Futurology (Design & Disruptive Technology)


These pathway choices allow the staff to better interpret the students prior experiences and study, as well as how each candidate views their future career path.


Upon arrival at the School, each new student meets with a member of the Academic Council, known as the Entry Interview, to further discuss their expectations of the year to come, and to assure that their pathway selection will offer the correct template for their initial research.


Students in the Pavilion pathway will be encouraged to design and produce tangible interventions, rather than a ‘paper’ project, so they may gain experience in the implementation of architectural designs. 


The Imagery pathway will focus primarily on the development of architectural representation and the means of communication of complex ideas both to other Architects and to others..


Students who select the Futurology pathway will develop emerging technologies into potential products or enterprises in which study and extrapolation of these technologies can be formed into an architectural application.


Through the research-led culture of the school, students will be taught as individuals, rather than in ‘units’. The selection of a pathway allows the student to demonstrate which area of architecture they are most interested in developing.  The pathways are not distinct courses, but rather a frame through which the students ideas and research should be viewed and assessed, and while students of each of the three pathways will be taught together, their specialism will become apparent through the development of their studio project. 


It is possible that a student’s research will steer them away from their original pathway selection, and moving from one pathway to another will be permitted at select stages of the academic year in discussion with their tutor.



In addition to the core curriculum the Paris School offers workshops outside the School to further broaden the student’s exposure to external researchers and practitioners.  


These workshops are typically a two-week period hosted within the studio space of a Parisian architectural practice. The workshops involve following a brief set by the practice directors, reinforced by site visits and discussions. The workshop projects are presented at the end of the two-week period for review within the host office.


The School also arranges an annual 4-day study trip outside of the Greater Paris region during the academic year in support of the History & Theory subject. These trips are typically within France, but may occasionally involve visits to other countries within the Schengen Area.

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