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The Paris School of Architecture studios are based 

in a city centre campus  between Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est in the 10th Arrondissement at 11 rue de l'Aqueduc.

As we are a small and highly selective school, and for the security and privacy of our students, visits to the school are open solely to candidates who hold an offer from the school.


An open day will be held on Friday 16th February 2023, for those interested in applying for the 2023/24 academic year.  To arrange to participate in an open day, please contact

The ethos of the school is to engage directly with Paris as our testbed.  As part of this, certain courses, workshops, lectures, screenings, and exhibitions will be held at other locations across the city.

The Paris School offers two forms of facilities to its students, Internal Facilities within the Paris School’s building, and External Facilities, providing access to industry-standard equipment through out network of associated practices.


Internal Facilities:

*Research studio space

*Presentation Rooms and Lecture Spaces

*Model making area

*Workshop, 3d printer

*Large and small format printing

*A copy of all titles in current and past reading lists


In addition to copies of this year's reading list being held in the studio, students may order their own copy of all titles from the school for collection in the first week of studies.

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