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Study Trips

In addition to the core curriculum the Paris School offers study trips and workshops outside the School to further broaden the student’s exposure to external researchers and practitioners.  

The School also arranges an annual 5-day study trip to a European city outside of France, as well as a 3-day visit to a city within France.  The first typically takes place during Term 1, with the first mid-term review happening abroad.  The second reinforces the studio production in Term 2, with visits to architects' practices, galleries, or particular buildings outside of the Greater Paris region.

2022/23 Academic Year

PSA Study Trip to Cyprus

October 2022

The annual study trip abroad took the school to Paphos and Nicosia in Cyprus, where the first mid-term review of the academic year was hosted by the Paphos chapter of the Association of Architects.  The visit also included tours of Greek and Roman historic architecture, a visit to the construction site at the Cyprus College of Art, and crossing the United Nations Buffer Zone in Nicosia, the last divided European capital city.

2021/22 Academic Year

PSA Study Trip to Sicily

February 2022

The annual study trip abroad took the school to Palermo, Favara, and Mazzarino in Sicily, involving tours of historic architecture, biodynamic landscapes, the modernist mausolea of cretto di burri, and workshops and exhibitions linked to art gallery Farm Cultural Park.

PSA Study Trip to Arc-et-Senans

October 2021

The first PSA study trip of the 2021/22 involved a stay at the Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of Eastern France.  The Royal Saltworks is a notable example of early Enlightenment architecture by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux.  Today it is a educational and cultural centre, including an exhibit hosting many models of Ledoux's buildings.

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