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The Paris School of Architecture is an experimental and innovative new architecture school with an international focus based in central Paris. 


It is the only entirely post-graduate architecture school in France teaching solely in the English language, and prepares its graduates to operate across Europe and the rest of the world.


The Paris School is pedagogically radical and experimental.  It is the first new independent school of architecture created in Paris in over a century, developed in response to the radical changes over the last decade, and the changing nature of architectural practice today.  Moving away from the instructive pedagogical methods of the past, it is a place for the incubation and development of each student’s individual ideas, situated within the context of a support network of practicing architects and designers.


The Paris School is a post-graduate only institution.  The two year post-graduate course of study at the School offers a bespoke and innovative mode of architectural study. The course is specifically aimed at graduates of three and four year undergraduate degree courses who wish to use their post-graduate study to specialise and research within a particular field of architecture. Students of the School combine their traditional architectural studies with emerging and disruptive subjects and technologies, in which they become specialists.

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