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Alumni Network

Graduates of PSA may choose to join our Alumni membership network, conferring continued use of workshop facilities, studio spaces, and faculty networks.  The alumni network provides our graduates with a range of possibilities, ranging from social and communal aspects, attending events and shows, to continued incubation within the PSA space while they create their practices, or develop their research, or commercialise their ideas.

Information about how to join the Alumni network is issued to each graduate upon successful completion of the two year course.

Alumni Careers


In addition to our Alumni network, PSA offers the possibility for graduates to integrate into professional practice after graduation.  


As each member of staff at PSA is also in private practice, we have an extensive network of practicing architects in Paris and around Europe.


Each year a number of (at least) 6 month, paid, full-time employment positions, is offered within our network of practices to students who through their commitment to the programme have produced exceptional studio projects or dissertations. This ensures these graduates can gain early career experience directly after graduation.

PSA also offers a small number of 12 month teaching assistant positions, for graduates interested in continuing their careers in academia.

The next generation of architects is graduating into one of the most challenging job markets in recent history.  We value our own graduates and want to ensure that those who wish to gain vital early career experience can do so.

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