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For the 2020/21 academic year the PSA offers a distinct

full-time post-graduate course - the diplôme d'architecture.

Diploma in Architecture

(Diplôme d'architecture) - DArch

An in-depth, two-year period of study in central Paris, culminating in a year-long research project in the second year,  and public end of year show exhibition.

Duration: 2 Years (120 ECTS Credits - Equivalent to an international MArch/Masters)

Entry requirements: BA (undergraduate) degree in Architecture

Tuition Fees: €10 109 per year

Application Documents: PDF Portfolio, CV, and Letter of motivation.

Graduate with: DArch (Diplôme d'architecture)

Post-nominal style: DArch (Paris) or Diplôme d'architecture (Paris) 

Located in the centre of Paris, the school is positioned at the heart of Europe in one of the world's greatest international cities.

Continuing this international focus, our programme of study prepares graduates to be leaders in the fields of architecture, construction, philosophy, journalism, and emerging technologies.

COURSE PATHWAYS - PSA Diploma in Architecture (DArch)

YEAR 1 & 2 (Post-graduate)

Years one and two are divided into strategic pathways combining architecture with other subjects to form particular specialisms.

Pavilion Pathway - (Design, Construction & On-site)


Year 1

1. Fieldwork

2. European Planning Systems

3. Business Structures

4. Finance and Economics

5. Private sector Procurement

6. Public sector Procurement

7. Cost Management

8. Roles of Consultants

9. Year-long Pavilion Project

10. History and Theory

11. Emerging Construction Technologies

12. English for Construction

Year 2

1. Year-long pavilion project report

2. Dissertation

 Design & Communication Pathway


Year 1

1. Communication Design

2. Fine Art

3. Print Making

4. Advanced Architectural Draftsmanship

5. Modelling and Animation

6. Publishing and Curatorship

7. History and Theory

8. Advanced Philosophy

9. Moving Image

10. Year-long Studio Project

11. Emerging Communication Technologies

12. Advanced English

Year 2

1. Year-long studio project and project report

2. Dissertation


Futurology & Disruptive Technology Pathway


Year 1

1. Futurology

2. World-building

3. Virtual World Design

4. UAV's in Architecture

5. Video Game Design

4. Interaction Design

5. Philosophy

6. Prototyping

7. Emerging Construction

8. Critical Design

9. Modelling and Rendering

10. Year-long Studio Project

11. FinTech and Disruptive Finance

12. Advanced English

Year 2

1. Year-long studio project and project report

2. Dissertation


We are currently accepting application for entry into Year 1 (Post-graduate) only.