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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Q1. Do I need to speak French to apply? 


No knowledge of the French language is required. The school operates in English.


Q2. How much are the tuition fees at PSA? 


The tuition fees for students who begin the first year in 2023 will be €10 709 per year.

These are paid in instalments, with €3,500 due at the point you accept your place.


Q3. How do I apply? 


To apply, submit your Portfolio and CV online at


Q4. When can I expect an admission result? 


If selected for a telephone interview, this will be within 2 weeks of your application being submitted.  Should your application be successful, your offer letter will be sent shortly afterwards.


Q5. Can I apply as a Transfer Student to the program? 


We do not accept transfer students who have not completed at least their undergraduate degree.


Q6. Do I need TOEFL or IELTS to apply for the PSA master’s program? 


No.  Your language abilities will be assessed based on your submitted material and telephone interview.


Q7. What should I include in the Application Motivation Letter? 


Your motivation letter should set out why you want to study in Paris, what your specific areas of interest in architecture and design are,  which pathway you are most interested in, and what you will bring to the school’s uniquely international environment. 


Q8. Does Paris School of Architecture offer any Scholarships? 


The PSA does not offer any scholarships at the time of writing.


Q9. How do I apply for the PSA Scholarship? 


The PSA does not offer any scholarships at the time of writing.


Q10. Do I need a Student Visa to study in France? 


Students from non-European countries must apply for a student visa at the French Consulate or Embassy in their home country or country of residence.


Q11. How do I apply for a Student Visa? 


Upon registration, Paris School of Architecture will provide students with a letter of enrolment (entitled ‘Attestation d’inscription’ in French). This enrolment letter is the document required for visa application. 


We strongly recommend that students apply for visa as early as possible.  Students should also carefully verify with their local French Consulate or Embassy the necessary documentation and requirements for visa application (requirements differ depending on the applicants country of origin).


Q12. What are the estimated living expenses in Paris? 


The monthly estimated expenses for a student living in Paris: 

Housing: € 500 to € 1,400

Food: € 350 to € 500

Metro (Monthly): € 75.20 Zone 1-5

Miscellaneous: € 250


Q13. Can I work while studying? 


International students in France on a student visa can legally work a maximum of 964 hours per year (about 20 hours per week). Please note that part-time work cannot be expected to cover all of your living expenses, but can help provide you with extra spending money.

Q14. How do I find accommodation in Paris?


As Paris School of Architecture is centrally located in Paris, we do not offer on-campus accommodation. 


Below is a list of useful websites which can facilitate your search for accommodation: 


Easy Roommate












Paris Attitude


Les Estudines


PSA can not be held responsible for the content of 3rd party websites.

Q15. Is the school 'accredited'?

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) will apply to the school, the two year course offering a total of 120 Credits. In addition, the school  has undergone registration with Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles who accredit private educational institutions in France.

Q16. After I finish my two year post-graduate studies at the Paris School of Architecture can I call myself an Architect (Architecte) in France?

No, further study is required.  

In fact, there is no post-graduate or masters course in France where the title 'Architecte' can be used following graduation.  Candidates who wish to use the protected title 'Architecte' and who wish to practice the protected activity of 'Architecture' must complete further study after their post-graduate two year course, a period of practical training, and the HMONP exams before they can seek registration with the national governing body l'ordre des architectes.  Please see our Technical Note on this subject here.

Q17. If I complete the HMONP course, obtain professional indemnity insurance (or work for a company who cover this for me), and successfully register with l'ordre des architectes, can I transfer this to my home country?

If your home country is within the EU or EEA, then registration with l'ordre des architectes will allow you to transfer this registration to the national body governing in your home state under Directive 2005/36/EC.

If your home country is not within the EU or EEA, then individual bilateral agreements may permit this.  You would be advised to contact the national governing body for further information.

Q18. I would like to study in French, can I study some subjects in the French language at PSA?

The Paris School of Architecture provides students two levels of French language courses, beginner and intermediate, to help students with their day-to-day life in France.  However, the School of Architecture teaches its architectural units solely in the English language.  If you would like to undertake your studies in French, there are 20 state architecture schools in France and list of which can be found here.

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