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Show 2023

Where - 7 rue Geoffroy l'Angevin 75004 Paris

Vernissage - Friday 16th June 2023, 6pm - midnight.

When - Saturday 17th June - Sunday 18th June, 11am - 7pm

To register to attend the vernissage please email



Show 2022

Where - 30 rue du Château d'Eau 75010 Paris

When - The End of Year Show is now closed, press coverage of the event can be found below:

SHOW 2022 is PSA's annual end of year exhibition, showcasing work from each student at the school. The Show is both an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the academic year, as well as to provoke and promote discourse with the wider public.  Architecture today is disengaged with society, and society with architecture.  A contemporary culture obsessed with youth, beauty, social media, and celebrity, where what we believe to be true has more value than empirical truth; a society obsessed with the self, instant gratification, and hardened with entrenched and polarised views.  Architecture no longer contributes to the creation of a visionary path to the future, having a stunted relationship with contemporary culture due to modern architecture’s ostensibly utopian foundations.


The students’ work exhibited at this year’s show design instead for the diversity and unpredictability of the metropolis, always questioning unofficial motives, human desires, and offering uncompromising versions of the future.  The incubative pedagogical model at PSA, which places emphasis on each students’ individual ideas and research, critically engages with the contradiction and dilemma of the world today, critiquing intrenched design values to pose alternative ‘Real Fictions’.  


The projects presented this year are playful and optimistic in their treatment of a diverse set of topics; from critical extrapolations of the relationship between capital and mass-market sporting events, the re-eroticisation of everyday activities in the face of unavoidable climate catastrophe, and cautionary tales of the spectre of fascism inculcated by extreme feminism, to the reworking of failed democratic structures through gamification, a critical imagining of our attempts to disgorge anthropocenic climate effects through the adoption of a carbon currency, and the reappropriation of Embassies in Paris as the first of a series of stateless embassies in an imagined borderless world.


The projects presented practice research by design. They explore the complex and contradictory world around us, analysing key shifts in thinking, the cultural context in which architecture operates, the role of science and technology, studies of human behaviour, demographic identities, environmental shifts. They serve to provoke wider debate within the profession and with the public through critical speculation, making their authors active in shaping the future.


Exhibited Work by: Oluwaremilekun Ojumu, Eyub Acikgoz, Laura Tissen, Helmi Mhiri, Fanney Margrét Eiríksdóttir, Delaney Inamine.

Studio Tutors: Salvator-John A. Liotta, Yasemin Sahiner, Martin Tubiana, Henry Beech Mole.

Show Curation by: Laura Jouan, Henry Beech Mole, Martin Tubiana.

Media Partner: Dezeen

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